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Mike E.
Irvine, CA

The faucets in our master bath were installed about 30 years ago when we did a room addition. The faucet stems began leaking and our plumber told us we’d have to replace the valve body, faucets, handles and spout which, with the plumbing labor and cutting into a wall for access, would cost about $1000. I sent photos and a sketch of the leaking faucets to Jeff Biard and he recognized them! They were made by a company that went out of business about 25 years ago. Our faucets were made before a design change and fixing the leak only required replacing the stem packing which I was able to do myself. Certainly glad Jeff had the knowledge and history to point me in the right direction.

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When they need expert plumbing, Orange County residents don’t need to look further than our seasoned professionals. From repairs and maintenance to new installations, we’ve handled it all. Our experience means we can get in and out and finish the job faster than the average homeowner can remove the problem part.

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When it comes to remodeling, you need more than the most basic plumbing supplies Orange County has available. We can furnish your bathroom, kitchen, or other areas with new fixtures and accessories. Increase the value of your home and enjoy new, glistening plumbing fixtures with our help.

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Plumbing often boils down to parts. You need the right parts to get the job done. If you have been wondering if your plumbing is twice as old as you are, we can help you bring it up to date with our selection of new, old, and even rare plumbing parts. Chances are, we have a match for your fixtures even if we aren’t the ones who installed them to begin with.

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Whether you need supplies or a plumber in Orange,  Biard & Crockett has the knowledge and experience to help you solve your plumbing dilemma quickly. In addition to dedicated plumbing professionals who can solve most any plumbing emergency, we have a warehouse fully stocked with the tools of the trade to get the job done time after time.

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