Whether you’re a homeowner or a rental property manager, a bathroom remodel may hold a prominent place on your current to-do list. This makes perfect sense, since a properly done remodeling job can immediately make a bathroom more practical and pleasant to use. Ideally, it can also largely pay for itself by providing a boost in property value.

In Orange County, Biard & Crockett is your reliable source for bathroom remodeling work that meets even the most demanding requirements. As plumbing and general contracting experts with a proven track record going back to the 1960s, we stand out in a crowded field of less-qualified providers. When you absolutely must have top-quality assistance that makes the most of your budget, we’re there to lend a hand.

Planning Your Remodel

It takes quite a bit of planning to set the stage for a successful remodeling project. Critical steps to include while mapping out your project include:

  •        Assessing your bathroom and deciding what you want to change or improve
  •        Creating a realistic budget that keeps your costs under control
  •        Deciding how the remodeling work fits into your long-term plans for your home, and
  •        Determining if a particular type of remodeling job will add market value to your home

You may choose to make these important considerations on your own. However, you can also rely on the expertise of professionals capable of walking you all the way through the planning stage. In a best-case scenario, these professionals will also have the skills needed to carry out the actual bathroom remodel.

Common Areas of Focus

Showers/Bathtubs – Showers and bathtubs are frequent focal points for bathroom remodels. In fact, due to the relative expense and difficulty of replacing these features, many homeowners and rental property managers center their entire project plans around them. Chances are, you’ll want to include them in your plans, as well.

Showers come in a wide variety of formats, including all-inclusive one-piece units, shower surrounds and framed shower enclosures. Whether separate or combined with a shower, bathtubs also come in a broad range of options, including conventional tubs, walk-in tubs and soaking tubs of various sizes. No matter which options you prefer, remodeling projects that include showers and/or bathtubs have one thing in common: the need for reliable plumbing expertise. Only an experienced professional has the skills required to properly map out and install the water lines required for basic functionality.

Sinks – There are two main sink styles: full systems with integrated components and “three-hole” units that allow you to specify your preferred fixture options. Both styles may come with a number of mounting choices, including wall mounting, under-mounting and “drop-in” mounting. Plumbing expertise also plays a critical role in the successful installation of all sinks.

Faucets and Fixtures – During your remodeling project, you may choose to keep your existing sink and focus your upgrade efforts on the faucets themselves. You may also choose to include shower/bathtub faucets and other fixtures such as showerheads and shower and bathtub handles. Many homeowners find that this area of bathroom remodeling provides the biggest aesthetic impact relative to cost.

Toilets – Toilets are yet another plumbing-centric area of bathroom remodeling. You may choose to change your current setup in order to improve the functionality of your bathroom, or for purely aesthetic reasons. Of course, practical and aesthetic considerations often go hand in hand in the most successful projects.

Countertops/Vanities – Installation of a new countertop or vanity can have a major impact on the appearance of your bathroom. Commonly used materials range from marble and granite to manmade options such as Formica and manufactured quartz. By limiting your sink-mounting options, your choice of vanity or countertop will help dictate which types of sinks you can install.

Flooring – Flooring changes can dramatically change the appearance of your bathroom, as well as its usefulness and smooth operation. While many people choose to install tile during a remodeling job, you may also opt for waterproof linoleum or vinyl (two materials that typically require less ongoing maintenance). In addition, some homeowners and property managers choose to add new functionality by installing radiant heating systems in their remodeled bathroom floors.

Walls – Over time, moisture and heat can have a powerfully degrading effect on the walls of your bathrooms. This means that new wall treatments often form part of remodeling projects. Today remodelers have access to an exceedingly wide range of durable wallpapers, as well as gloss and semigloss paints.

Mirrors and Lighting – Mirrors and lighting fall into an overlapping category in most bathroom remodeling projects. That’s because the lighting scheme you choose has a major effect on the ability to use mirrors to their full advantage. Plentiful stylistic options make it easy to combine such practical considerations with your aesthetic preferences.

Finding a Qualified Expert

While you may choose to plan your upcoming bathroom remodel on your own, you will almost certainly benefit from the experienced advice of a remodeling professional. Expert assistance is even more crucial during the active stages of the job. As a rule, only skilled personnel can anticipate the needs of a given project and make decisions that support desired outcomes while avoiding the many potential pitfalls. For bathroom remodels in particular, it helps tremendously if the provider you choose has an extensive background in plumbing and knows how to integrate practical plumbing requirements into the overall work plan.

Complete Remodeling Services from Your Trusted Local Professionals

At Biard & Crockett, we offer complete bathroom remodeling services for homeowners and rental property managers throughout Orange County. In more than half a century of operation, we’ve handled jobs of all sizes and levels of complexity, from single half-baths to half- and full-sizes bathrooms in multiple residences. From the initial stages of planning to those important final touches, we provide you with reliable assistance every step of the way.

Naturally, as licensed plumbing contractors, we provide authoritative assistance for the plumbing-related aspects of bathroom remodeling. What’s more, as long-standing holders of a general contractor’s license, our expertise extends to the non-plumbing-related aspects of your project, as well. Throughout the course of each project, we keep both practical and aesthetic considerations firmly in mind. Our goal is to leave your remodeled rooms in top-notch condition that increases day-to-day usefulness and appeal, while also supporting and enhancing long-term property value.

Count on Biard & Crockett

For 50-plus years, Biard & Crockett has served the many thriving communities of Orange County. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a demonstrated commitment to quality and affordability, we seek to provide each and every customer with the very best remodeling services at a reasonable price. No matter the scope of your project, you’ll find us ready to assist with timely advice and hands-on knowhow. Call us today to learn more and schedule your upcoming bathroom project.