Using a Liquid Drain Cleaner can be Hazardous

Having a clogging drain can be a major problem. Best case scenario, your sink is draining slowly. Worst case scenario, it smells foul, is not draining, and is unhealthy for the people in your home. As such, it is understandable that you would want to take care of it ASAP, but to do so, you [...]

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Tips for Fixing Water Pressure Loss in Your Shower

You turn on the water for an invigorating shower but instead of a strong, steady flow, you get a weak stream that resembles a drizzle. This is a frustrating scenario experienced by many homeowners. But, you don’t have to resign yourself to poor water pressure. There are a few things you can check to get [...]

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Garbage Disposals are No Place for Pumpkin Pulp

One of the best parts of growing up is carving a huge jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Creating a scary or funny face, carefully cutting out the edges to form the toothy mouth-- this activity is a classic American tradition and a symbol of fun and family. The first step to this enjoyable (and admittedly messy) family [...]

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6 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

The summer brings months of fun with the kids home from school, warm weather, trips to the beach and an abundance of fresh produce. However, in this busy season, you can also overtax your plumbing system. Here are 6 of the most commonly seen summer plumbing problems and some advice you can follow to avoid [...]

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3 Tips for Replacing Bathroom Fixtures in Your Home

Maybe your bathroom fixtures aren’t working like they used to. Or maybe you just need a new look. Either way, it is time to replace them. But it is important that you do not just jump into the process without a little planning in advance. So, before you start replacing your fixtures, check out our [...]

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Avoid Shower Mishaps with Bathroom Safety Upgrades

Who hasn’t ever slipped on the bathroom floor or in the shower? Whether you’re 2 or 92, shower safety is a concern that you should take action on. Statistics show that over 235,000 emergency room visits for people 15 and older are related to injuries suffered in the bathroom. The stats also show that injuries [...]

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Gas Pipe Leaks in Your Home – Causes and Prevention

Natural gas is widely used in American homes as a fuel source for hot water heaters, ranges, and other appliances. While generally safe, this gas can quickly produce a severe safety hazard if it leaks from any of its supply lines. This hazard comes in several forms. First, if leaking natural gas comes into contact [...]

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Why Hard Water Doesn’t Get Along with Soap

Ordinary water is not effective in removing dirt and stains from clothes, skin, and other surfaces because these stains are often made of oil or grease. As we all know, oil and water don't mix. Soap is the most commonly used agent for cleaning and is more effective in removing dirt, but it doesn't work [...]

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5 Easy Spring Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Now that spring is here, warmer weather means that you can spend more time outdoors and you won’t have to bundle up so much. The change of the seasons also gives us the opportunity to perform regular maintenance tasks around the home. Many people carry out an infamous “spring cleaning” to freshen the home after [...]

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Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Consider in 2017

Planning on redoing your bathroom in 2017? The bathroom is becoming evermore an oasis, a living space where you can prepare for the day or unwind and relax. As you consider the possibilities for revamping your space, keep these notable trends in bathroom design and remodeling in mind to help inspire your plans: Long Term [...]

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