Gas Pipe Leaks in Your Home – Causes and Prevention

Natural gas is widely used in American homes as a fuel source for hot water heaters, ranges, and other appliances. While generally safe, this gas can quickly produce a severe safety hazard if it leaks from any of its supply lines. This hazard comes in several forms. First, if leaking natural gas comes into contact [...]

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Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Consider in 2017

Planning on redoing your bathroom in 2017? The bathroom is becoming evermore an oasis, a living space where you can prepare for the day or unwind and relax. As you consider the possibilities for revamping your space, keep these notable trends in bathroom design and remodeling in mind to help inspire your plans: Long Term [...]

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Potential Plumbing Problems to Watch Out for when it Rains

Although rain storms aren’t frequent in Southern California, every once in awhile a good, heavy rain does fall. Those heavy rains that drum on the roof, keep you indoors and leave you soaked no matter what precautions you take are incredible shows of the power of nature. When these rains come, they can cause a [...]

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What Does A Reverse Osmosis Water System Filter?

Reverse osmosis is a popular technology used in water filtration systems across the U.S. Based on a natural process called osmosis, this technology provides a number of important benefits, including better tasting water, relatively simple maintenance procedures and removal of a wide variety of harmful contaminants that may be lurking in your unfiltered residential or [...]

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