Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Consider in 2017

Planning on redoing your bathroom in 2017? The bathroom is becoming evermore an oasis, a living space where you can prepare for the day or unwind and relax. As you consider the possibilities for revamping your space, keep these notable trends in bathroom design and remodeling in mind to help inspire your plans: Long Term [...]

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Potential Plumbing Problems to Watch Out for when it Rains

Although rain storms aren’t frequent in Southern California, every once in awhile a good, heavy rain does fall. Those heavy rains that drum on the roof, keep you indoors and leave you soaked no matter what precautions you take are incredible shows of the power of nature. When these rains come, they can cause a [...]

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What Does A Reverse Osmosis Water System Filter?

Reverse osmosis is a popular technology used in water filtration systems across the U.S. Based on a natural process called osmosis, this technology provides a number of important benefits, including better tasting water, relatively simple maintenance procedures and removal of a wide variety of harmful contaminants that may be lurking in your unfiltered residential or [...]

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Water Treatment Solutions: How to Properly Maintain Water Softener Systems

Hard water can be a big problem. It can end up causing issues with your pipes, plumbing fixtures, and even your skin and hair. Up to 85% of Americans have hard water, and many of them are looking for solutions. The best solution for most is to install a water softening system. This system can [...]

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Installing a Tankless Hot Water Heater Can Save You Money

When it comes to household repairs and renovations, most homeowners understand the value of upgrading to more modern, energy-efficient alternatives for their home appliances and systems. One of the most perplexing, yet extremely important of these types of home renovations includes your choice for a hot water heater. For both monetary value and quality performance, [...]

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Top 3 Ways to Clean a Smelly Drain in Orange County when All House Drains Have a Smell

Smelly drains can be quite the problem. Best-case scenario, you only slightly smell it when the water is running. Worst-case scenario, the smell is constant and makes your home feel unclean, even when it is spotless. And while you might be tempted to just go grab a bottle of Draino, if you are noticing this [...]

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How Long Will My Galvanized Pipes Last?

Galvanized pipes have an average lifespan that ranges between 40 and 50 years. However, pipes that are well-built, well-installed, and well-maintained can easily exceed the typical lifespan. Read below to learn more about the life span of galvanized pipes. Galvanized Pipes Are Rarely Used in Modern Construction The heyday for galvanized steel plumbing was prior [...]

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