BCPSI Technician Cleaning and Clearing Drain in Orange CountyClogged drain lines are among the most common plumbing problems in Orange County homes. If you only have a minor clog, you can sometimes resolve it on your own and restore the proper outward flow of wastewater. However, only a well-trained plumber can truly determine the extent of your drain line issues and fully eliminate your problems. Count on the plumbers at Biard & Crockett to assess the problem of your drain clog, and safely  unclog your drain.

What Causes Drain Clogs in a Home?

Clogs in your household drains can develop for a number of reasons. Common underlying sources of clogs include:

  • Soap and Detergent – Soap and detergent play a critical role in household sanitation. Unfortunately, soap and detergent can also accumulate in one or more of the drains in your kitchen, bathrooms or laundry room and cause a clog. In a bathroom, accumulating hair can provide an easy starting point for unwanted soap buildup.
  •  Fat, Grease and Food Particles – When you prepare food or clean up after a meal, your kitchen sink can often become a destination for two prime causes of household clogs: fat and grease. These substances can easy coat the inside of your drain lines, even if you attempt to dilute them with hot water and dish detergent. Food particles typically contribute to clogging issues when they get caught in solidifying grease and fat inside your drains.
  •  Hair – When you shave or take a bath or shower, hair can easily make its way into one of your drain lines. Once hair enters a drain, strands or pieces of hair from your head, face or body can lock together and form clumps that stick in place rather than flow out with your wastewater.
  •  Toilet Paper – Toilet paper is the only solid material specifically designed to safely pass from your toilet to your main household sewer line. However, if you use too much of it at one time, you can easily clog your toilet and trigger an overflow.
  •  Dirt, Debris and Leaves – If dirt or debris enters a household drain, it can gradually accumulate and either form a clog or make an existing clog worse. While this can happen at any drain, particularly common locations for dirt- and debris-related issues include floor drains in your garage, basement or laundry room. Leaf-based drain line clogs typically occur in outdoor downspouts that pass underground and connect directly to your municipal water system.
  •  Other Solid Objects – Any solid object can potentially trigger a drain clog if it enters your household plumbing at any point. Toilets are a common entry point for this type of material, which can include things such as facial tissue, baby wipes and children’s toys.

Don’t guess the underlying cause of a drain clog, only a plumbing expert has the tools to accurately diagnose all possible clogging scenarios. Trust the experts at Biard & Crockett to determine the source of your clog and take the right steps to resolve your problems.

Finding the Clog with Modern Drain Cameras

Even if you know what’s causing a drain to clog, you can’t guarantee a solution to your problems unless you can pinpoint the clog’s location. However, a clog can form at any point between a drain opening inside your household and the main sewer line servicing your Orange County neighborhood. Biard & Crockett’s highly trained professionals use modern cameras and video technology to find and clear clogs in your drain lines. After clearing the clog, we use the same technology to confirm that your difficult-to-find clogging issues are truly resolved. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing issue is behind you, because you will see it for yourself.

Cleaning a Clogged Drain in Orange

There are several ways to clear a clog in one of your household drains in Orange. The specific solution depends on a number of factors, including the severity of the clog. The professionals at Biard and Crockett have over 50 years of experience clearing drains. If you choose a plumber without a proven track record, be very careful: an amateur plumber can not only fail to diagnose the problem; he may also damage your plumbing.

Safe Chemical Treatments

Every grocery store and hardware store in America sells caustic chemical drain cleaners that promise to eliminate clogs in your plumbing system. In a large majority of situations, these cleaners simply don’t work. What’s worse, they can damage the interior of your drain lines, make the problem worse, and add unnecessary pollutants to the environment.

Biard and Crockett has the experience and knowledge required to use chemical agents correctly when mitigating drain clogs. If you have relatively minor clogging issues in a drain line, you may gain the relief you need from a professional application of a non-acidic, non-caustic chemical treatment that avoids the pitfalls of harsh cleaners. Activated enzymes are helpful for maintaining drain lines and can practically eliminate the need for emergency drain cleaning.  Grease emulsifiers are very useful in kitchen/laundry drains where many clogs are caused by soap or detergent buildup, food particles or solidified fat or grease.  If you have regular stoppage problems, getting on a maintenance program with these products can prevent the inconvenience of a stoppage.

Drain-Cleaning Machines

Drain-cleaning machines are handheld or floor-mounted devices that a plumber can use to clear clogs caused by a range of substances. These machines feature extendable cables that pass down into a drain and scrape or cut away clogged material. The cable on a well-designed drain-cleaning machine comes with a number of attachments designed to clear specific types of clogs. The professionals at Biard & Crockett use Spartan machines, known for their ruggedness and effectiveness. These machines come in a range of sizes to guarantee an appropriate fit for your drain.


Hydro-jetters are machines that rely on powerful streams of pressurized water to dislodge clogs and push caked-on material out of your drain lines. Typically, plumbers reserve the use of these machines — which can deal effectively with most types of material — for the toughest clogs. It takes a skilled hand to use a hydro-jetter without inadvertently producing additional, serious plumbing problems. Biard & Crockett’s professional staff has extensive training with these machines and knows how to get the job done safely and effectively.

Cleaning Out a Sewer Line

Biard & Crockett also specializes in cleaning out clogged sewer lines. In addition, we offer a comprehensive line of sewer maintenance, repair and replacement solutions. If you suspect that you have an issue with your sewer line it is best to be pro-active. Waiting too long will result in very expensive repairs and disruption to your service. Often your system may just need scheduled maintenance while more severe cases can be solved with a cured-in-place pipe liner. Once the line has gotten too bad for a liner, the system will need to be dug up and exposed, and no one wants to go through that when it can be avoided.

Count on Biard & Crockett

By their nature, household clogs are often emergency situations. Biard & Crockett has served the communities of Orange County since 1960, and you can count on our commitment to quickly correct your plumbing issues. In all circumstances, we focus on top-notch customer service, experience and technological knowledge to provide you with lasting, cost-effective solutions.

If you are experiencing a plumbing issue, call us immediately at 714-639-4400. We’re always happy to help.