When it’s time to remodel your household or rental property kitchen, turn to the licensed plumbers and general contractors at Biard & Crockett. With half a century of experience and an established reputation for excellence, we aim to serve as your go-to option for projects large and small. Whether you’re looking for help with a limited project or plan to start over from square one, you can count on truly professional assistance that maximizes your budget efficiency while helping you realize your functional and aesthetic dreams.

Planning Your Remodel

Proper planning is the absolutely essential first phase of any remodeling project. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, your brainstorming sessions should include such steps as:

  •         Reviewing the current condition of your kitchen and deciding which specific changes you want to make
  •         Using realistic budget estimates to prioritize the planned work
  •         Taking a long-term view of how a remodel will fit into your needs as a homeowner or property owner/manager, and
  •         Assessing the amount of market value your intended work can add to your home or property

If you only intend to carry out a minor remodeling job, you may feel perfectly capable of mapping out the project on your own. However, even on small projects, working with an experienced professional can help ensure positive outcomes from the initial planning stages through the successful completion of your efforts. When undertaking larger remodeling projects, working with a professional is basically a necessity.

Common Areas of Focus

Cabinets – New cabinets are often at the top of the list of kitchen remodeling priorities. Given the vast array of cabinet styles and materials, it can take you a considerable amount of time to sift through all of your options and decide how you want to proceed. If you have a specific ideal kitchen in mind, you may need to opt for custom products instead of the stock items available through the typical supplier. Customization adds cost, but you can use it to meet even the most demanding requirements for space, material and styling.

Countertops – Countertop replacement is another common kitchen remodeling focus. Many homeowners choose products made from marble or granite, which remain perennial favorites due to their durability and great beauty. However, you may prefer other widely used options, such as synthetic stone, tile, butcher block or laminate. Factors that will guide your decision include cost, material longevity, appearance and maintenance needs, as well as the amount of time your plan to remain in your home.

Appliances – Major appliance replacement can also act as a driving force for your remodeling project. Common reasons for taking this step include lack of function or versatility in your existing kitchen appliances and the desire to take advantage of specific technological advancements made in recent years. Key factors to consider here include the potential expense of replacement, the length of time you plan to own your home and the possible need to rework your home’s electrical system in order to accommodate increased power demands.

Faucets and Sinks – Faucet and sink upgrades are potentially some of the most cost-effective changes you can make during kitchen remodeling. Faucet replacements may add no more than $100 to your project budget, although certain advanced options may push your expenditures over the $1,000 threshold. Kitchen sinks also run the full gamut of sophistication and expense, with top models surpassing the $5,000 mark. Your standards for function and aesthetic appeal will help you determine how much to spend.

Lighting – Lighting is another area where you can make the most of a relatively limited remodeling budget. When installed with care, recessed lighting, track lighting and other technologies can serve a practical purpose while helping you emphasize your kitchen’s most appealing visual elements. With the help of a professional, a well-designed lighting scheme can also add an illusion of spaciousness to kitchens with limited square footage.

Flooring – For both practical and aesthetic reasons, worn-out flooring makes the “must-change” list for many kitchen remodelers. If you’re looking to minimize the impact on your budget, you may choose a durable laminate product as your replacement option. However, you may prefer another product such as ceramic tile, engineered hardwood, linoleum or vinyl.

Walls and Ceilings – Compared to other rooms in your home, your kitchen may have fairly limited wall space. Still, new wallpaper or other covering options can play an important role in your plans. You may also want to take the opportunity to alter the appearance of your kitchen ceiling, especially if you’re dealing with obvious staining or other issues.

The Importance of a Qualified Expert

Kitchen remodeling projects affect the beating heart of your household. After all, you rely on the appliances and facilities in your kitchen every day for both food preparation and food storage. In addition, projects carried out in this room frequently affect your home’s critical plumbing and electrical systems. For these and other reasons, the vast majority of homeowners must depend on the skills of a remodeling professional throughout their kitchen-related projects. Without ongoing assistance from a qualified professional, you expose yourself to serious liabilities ranging from needless cost overruns to poorly performed work that severely disrupts your household.

Comprehensive Remodeling from Your Trusted Local Professionals

At Biard & Crockett, we specialize in kitchen remodeling work that upholds the highest standards for workmanship and cost-effectiveness. Since the 1960s, we’ve served homeowners throughout Orange County, as well as rental property owners and managers. From simple projects affecting a single system to floor-up remodeling jobs that completely transform your kitchen space, we cover it all.

As the county’s premier plumbing specialists, we can easily handle all water- and sewer-related aspects of your upcoming project. And we back up this plumbing expertise with decades of experience as licensed general contractors. The end result for you is a comprehensive remodeling service that addresses your every need, from the first phase of planning through the final stage of finishing work. When all is said and done, you’ll have a new kitchen that meets your needs and aesthetic preferences while also reinforcing the value of your home.

Rely on Biard & Crockett

For close to 60 years, Orange-based Biard & Crockett has focused on the delivery of top-notch services at a reasonable price. Thousands of satisfied customers and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating attest to our ongoing dedication to affordability and quality. Whatever the scale of your kitchen remodeling plans, we’re standing by with reliable advice and the practical experience required to meet even the most complex and exacting project specifications. Call today to schedule your appointment and learn more about our extensive remodeling resources.