Remodeling either fills you with thoughts of clean glimmering surfaces and new fixtures or of a half-assembled disaster.

BCPSI Remodeled KitchenThoughts of the latter are enough to discourage anyone from pursuing a remodel, but it doesn’t have to be that way! With over 50 years of experience we strive to work closely with our clients to best meet their taste and style. Our clients consider more than just the cost of a project. They have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their contractor runs a respectable, high-quality operation.

BCPSI Remodeled Shower and Sink

Whether you own your own home or rent property to others, you may be dealing with serious condition issues that limit the functionality of a kitchen or bathroom. And even if everything works as it should, you may still have to contend with visually unappealing spaces, or spaces that just don’t live up to your aesthetic ideals. In either case, you may decide to place a remodeling project high on your personal or business to-do list.

In addition to serving as Orange County’s most trusted plumbing professionals, the experts at Biard & Crockett offer the county’s most complete bathroom and kitchen remodeling services. Every day, we focus on bringing you top-notch planning, materials and workmanship at a reasonable price point. And our success is determined by one thing: your enduring happiness with the quality of the work performed. From limited work to full-scale packages covering multiple rooms, we provide all the help you need to meet your remodeling goals.

Remodeling or Renovation?

BCPSI Remodeled BathroomRemodeling and renovation share a common goal: making improvements in the condition of your home or rental property. However, each of these approaches tackles this goal in a different way. The main objective of a renovation is to restore the existing features of a room to sound working order. Remodeling work goes much further by allowing you to change specific features, or even a whole room, while adding new functionality if you so desire. If you envision a significant update of existing systems or features, your plans fall squarely in the remodeling category.

Some homeowners and rental property owners/managers worry about the expense of remodeling. This is a genuine concern, since even a relatively modest project can end up costing thousands of dollars. However, current figures show that, on average, fully 80% to 90% of the cost of properly performed remodeling work is offset by corresponding increases in property value. This means that you can enjoy the short-term benefits of your project while reaping long-term financial rewards.

Reasons for Remodeling

Homeowners and rental property owners and managers may have a number of reasons for pursuing a remodeling project. One common motivation is a desire to change a room’s current layout. Your project’s objectives may also include such things as:

  •         A desire to increase available floor space
  •         A desire to change a room’s overall design scheme
  •         A desire to increase a room’s functionality and usefulness
  •         A desire to make your home more appealing to potential buyers
  •         A desire to make your rental property more appealing to potential renters, and
  •         A desire to increase the market value of your property

Frequently, multiple goals overlap and support each other on a remodeling project.

Seeking Professional Assistance

Some homeowners attempt to tackle remodeling work as a do-it-yourself project. Similarly, rental property owners and managers may take the DIY route, or hire non-specialist personnel for the job. However, in a high percentage of cases, such approaches to remodeling are quite counterproductive. Even at the peak of their abilities, untrained remodelers simply can’t match the skill, resources and experience of seasoned professionals who do this kind of work on a regular basis. In addition to meeting even the most exacting standards for quality, a reputable remodeling professional can:

  •         Help review the suitability of your remodeling plans
  •         Steer you clear of mistakes that mar the usefulness or safety of your remodeled room(s), and
  •         Provide you with access to customizable products and materials not readily available to the general public

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are common targets for remodeling projects. This is true, in part, because these heavily used rooms repeatedly sustain exposure to heat and moisture. Over time, related damage and a range of other factors can lead to both diminishing function and diminishing visual appeal. In addition, owners of older homes may choose to update their bathrooms so they can take advantage of new technologies or make better use of the available space. Features you may choose to remodel during your project include:

  •         Showers and/or bathtubs
  •         Sinks
  •         Faucets and fixtures
  •         Toilets
  •         Countertops and vanities
  •         Walls
  •         Flooring, and
  •         Mirrors and lighting

Understandably, plumbing-related work often plays a key role in a successful bathroom renovation.

Biard & Crockett is one of Orange County’s oldest and most trusted plumbing resources. In addition, we have long years of experience working as licensed general contractors. Taken together, these factors make us the ideal choice for top-quality bathroom remodeling that covers every potential area of focus. Some of our clients just want to redo a single half-bath situated off a hallway, while others want to fully remodel their full bathrooms or master suites. Similarly, some clients only want to address a single area of bathroom performance, while others want a comprehensive upgrade. No matter the approach you choose, we have the proven expertise needed to achieve the very best results.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens also rank high on the list of remodeling targets. Like bathrooms, these multipurpose rooms see heavy use throughout the year, and also tend to accumulate significant mechanical and aesthetic problems over time. Kitchen remodeling projects are often undertaken to address these types of issues. In addition, you may use an upcoming project as an opportunity to make technological upgrades that greatly increase kitchen functionality and ease of use. Features frequently altered during remodeling include:

  •         Cabinets
  •         Countertops
  •         Major appliances
  •         Faucets and sinks
  •         Flooring
  •         Lighting, and
  •         Walls and ceilings

At Biard & Crockett, we also specialize in high-quality kitchen remodeling. When undertaking each project, we rely heavily on our extensive general contracting expertise. In addition, since kitchen-based projects often involve alteration of your existing water and/or sewer lines, we take full advantage of our industry-leading plumbing expertise. On projects large and small, this overlapping of talents provides you with the best possible combination of professionalism and cost-effectiveness. What’s more, our vast customization options make it easy to find products that fit your chosen décor and design themes.

Your Reliable Experts

Biard & Crockett’s Orange County roots extend all the way back to 1960. Over nearly six decades of continuous operation, we’ve helped thousands of area residents, property owners and property managers improve the condition and value of their property through remodeling. With an enduring focus on your satisfaction and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we truly believe in the timeless ethic of work well done and value for money spent. Call us for more details on how you can schedule your upcoming remodeling project.

You can trust your remodel to Biard and Crockett because there is no substitute for experience.