Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

BCPSI Reverse Osmosis SystemA reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system greatly improves the quality of your home’s water supply by removing impurities and contaminants and providing you with low-cost tap water that has the same taste and health benefits as much more expensive bottled water. Examples of the many benefits include a greatly reduced level of exposure to a range of harmful substances, an increased incentive to maintain your daily water intake and ready access to clean water for ice cubes, steam irons, baby formulas and dehumidifiers. Whatever your reason for installing an RO unit, rely on the plumbing experts at Biard & Crockett in Orange to install a top-quality system in your home. You can also rely on our trained professionals to keep your current system in good operating shape, check for problems in your system’s many components and make any necessary system repairs.

Reverse Osmosis Basics

A reverse osmosis system uses your household’s existing water pressure to push your tap water through a very thin, partially permeable membrane that lets the water pass through while excluding a wide range of contaminants and impurities (including such things as chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, detergents and lead). Instead of reaching your tap, these unwanted substances go directly down the drain. All RO systems work on this same basic principle. However, not all RO systems are the same. In fact, experts in the industry note that the quality of a system’s materials plays a primary role in determining whether or not you consistently receive clean, safe water. You also need someone who will install your system properly and keep it working over time. Biard & Crockett uses only the best components and has extensive experience installing and maintaining RO systems.

RO Prefilters

The prefilter is the first of four main stages in an RO filtration system. This component does its job by screening out the larger particles of unwanted materials circulating in your tap water. Some systems have just one prefilter, while others contain multiple filters designed to screen out different types of materials. Most RO units have prefilters specifically intended to catch dirt, sand and other types of sediment. Many units also contain carbon filters that stop chlorine from penetrating further into the system and causing unnecessary damage.

Because they catch heavier materials, reverse osmosis prefilters can get clogged pretty rapidly. This means you need to change out your filters every year. Biard & Crockett in Orange carries prefilter replacements for all of the top manufacturers (including Hydronix, Tap Master and iSpring), and relies on decades of experience to provide you with top service, regardless of the type of system you have installed.

RO Membranes

The reverse osmosis membrane forms the core of any RO system. This membrane contains microscopic pores that give passage to water molecules while blocking the passage of any impurities or contaminants that make it past your system’s prefilters. All of the unwanted material rejected by your RO membrane passes harmlessly down your drain. Some membranes can withstand contact with chlorine, while others can’t. Whatever the type of membrane you have, Biard & Crockett assesses its health, recommends the appropriate replacement parts and provides you with smooth, efficient service. As a rule, you need a replacement RO membrane every two to three years. Feel free to bring us a water sample from your current system. We can use this sample to determine the health of your RO membrane and assess your replacement needs.

RO Storage Tanks

A reverse osmosis storage tank serves as a reservoir for the high-quality water produced by your RO system. Most tanks hold 2.5 gallons of water for immediate household use, although some systems feature much larger tanks. These storage tanks contain a bladder that separates the water from air pressure that is what propels the water out through the dispenser. Periodically additional air may need to be introduced into the tank to maintain the proper charge. When the bladder wears out the tank will no longer be able to maintain the proper air pressure and will need to be replaced. As part of the maintenance process, Biard & Crockett checks the pressure of your storage tank and adds any needed air.

RO Post Filters

The RO post filter sits between your system’s storage tank and your RO faucet. This filter serves an important function by screening out any lingering tastes or smells that can degrade the end quality of your water. Also referred to as a polishing filter it will remove the sterile taste that would be present if the water was used directly after going through the membrane. Often a coconut shell carbon is used to sweeten the taste. As part of the normal maintenance process, Biard & Crockett recommends that this filter be changed yearly.

Additional Reverse Osmosis Components

Reverse osmosis systems also contain a number of other important components. Components common to all systems, regardless of their manufacturer, include: a cold water line valve that connects your system to your home’s cold water supply; an automatic shut-off valve that temporarily halts the flow of water to your system when you have a full storage tank; a check valve that stops water from flowing backward through your system after passing through the RO membrane; a flow restrictor that controls the amount of water that passes through your system’s RO membrane; a specialized faucet for your RO system; and a drain line that connects your RO membrane to your home’s drain system. Biard & Crockett’s professionals in Orange install all of these components, maintain their working condition in your existing system and provide you with cost-effective replacement and repair.

If You Have A RO System

Reverse osmosis systems by their very nature have a lot of connections, canisters, valves etc. All of these are potential points of leakage. We recommend that you regularly check under your sink to make sure that everything is dry. Sometimes these units get bumped when storing or retrieving things from under the sink and you may unknowingly start a small leak. You can prevent expensive damage to your cabinetry and floors by making it a habit to just take a peek under there and make sure that all is well!

Count on Biard & Crockett for All of Your RO System Needs

At Biard & Crockett, we recommend the PureWater brand of reverse osmosis units to all of our customers seeking to install a new residential reverse osmosis system. However, with our expertise and lengthy experience, we can easily install any brand of unit you prefer. Whatever the type of system you have in your home, count on our trained professionals to assess your system health, help you with any ongoing maintenance needs and perform all necessary repairs.

Biard & Crockett in Orange has been serving Orange County for over 55 years. Our unparalleled record of service gives us a unique perspective on the region and helps us foresee any potential installation, maintenance and repair issues. With our commitment to integrity and reliance on the highest-quality materials, we’ll help you meet your needs regardless of your situation.