A water softener system boosts the quality of the water supply in your Orange home by removing heavy minerals that naturally occur in most of the nation’s underground water sources. Obvious problems caused by mineral-rich “hard” water include scale deposits in your coffee maker, spotty dishes in your dishwasher, a ring in your bathtub and reduced cleaning effectiveness of soap, laundry detergent and shampoo. However, hard water can easily lead to much more serious — and expensive — problems, including clogs and reduced water flow in your home’s plumbing system and significantly increased chances that your water heater will lose its efficiency or stop working altogether. If you have current issues with hard water in your home, or want to avoid developing such issues in a new home, rely on the plumbing experts at Biard & Crockett to install a cost-effective water softener system that meets your needs. Biard & Crockett also assesses the health of existing systems and performs any required servicing, replacement or repair.

Water Softener Basics

Hard water is water that contains large amounts of minerals such as magnesium carbonate, manganese and calcium. Roughly 85 percent of all Americans, including residents of Southern California, have this mineral-heavy water flowing into their homes. A water softener system takes hard water from your main water connection and channels it into a tank that contains specialized beads called resin beads. The system also contains a brine solution made from salt or potassium chloride. When hard water enters a water softener, the resin beads trigger a natural reaction that pulls heavy minerals from your water and replaces those minerals with salt or potassium chloride (two substances that don’t cause the problems associated with hard water).

Periodically, the resin beads in a water softener system get coated with hard water’s mineral residue. If this residue isn’t removed the system will stop doing its job. For this reason, all water softeners use an automated control unit that temporarily stops the softening process and puts the system in a recharging mode that cleans the resin beads.

Cabinet Water Softeners

If you have relatively modest water needs, your home may contain a cabinet water softener that combines the system’s brine tank and mineral-collecting resin bead tank into a single integrated unit. Quality plays a major role in the effectiveness of a cabinet-style softener. Poorly-made softeners of this type can easily malfunction and typically require a higher level of maintenance. At Biard & Crockett, we recommend cabinet softeners made by North Star, an innovative company well-known for efficiency, reliability and minimal maintenance needs. However, we will install any brand you prefer (including units made by Fleck and Culligan) and provide expert servicing and repair of your existing cabinet unit.

Two-Tank Water Softeners

Water softener systems also come in two-tank versions that contain a free-standing brine tank, as well as a free-standing mineral tank. Advantages of this type of system include: the ability to match the size of your brine tank to your specific needs, increased flexibility in the type of salt you can use in your system and a higher level of manufacturing durability and reliability. At Biard & Crockett, we recommend the installation of two-tank water softeners made by North Star. However, we will install your preferred brand and service and repair any type of two-tank system currently in your home.

Choosing the Right Water Softener System

Water softeners are rated and sized by how many minerals they can pull from your hard water before needing to stop and recharge. Two factors determine which size of softener will best fit your needs: the hardness of your water as measured in the amount of minerals present in every gallon, and the amount of water your household uses on a daily basis. (In the U.S. the average person uses 75 gallons of water in the home per day.) If you have an undersized system, it won’t remove enough minerals to effectively soften your water. On the other hand, an oversized system can lead to needless expense. As a rule, a properly sized system keeps your recharge times to a reasonable minimum while giving you enough excess capacity for periodic moments of high water usage. At Biard & Crockett, we fully assess your needs before recommending the best water softener size for your home. As part of that process, we analyze samples of your home’s water free of charge.

Water Softener Maintenance and Repair in Orange

A well-made water softener system will last for a long time with a relatively minimal need for maintenance. However, even the best systems may develop problems, and you may experience more serious issues if you have a poorly made system. Potential indications of a poorly maintained or improperly functioning water softener system include a brine tank with an unusually low or high water level, salt buildup inside your brine tank, a blockage in the lines leading from your water softener, a system that fails to cut on or off at expected times and a system that fails to keep hard water from travelling through your home’s pipes.

If you experience any of these problems, the trained professionals at Biard & Crockett in Orange will check the health of your existing water softener and look for simple solutions, such as an adjustment to the timer unit or a replenishment of the salt in your brine tank. If more serious issues arise, our experts will diagnose the underlying causes and provide you with a choice of appropriate remedies. In some cases, you may need to replace a cabinet softener or one of the main components in a two-tank system.

Count on Biard & Crockett for Your Water Softener Needs

A properly installed and maintained water softener system can save you money by increasing the efficiency of your water heater, keeping your water-using appliances in working shape for longer periods of time and keeping your clothing in better condition. Whatever your softener system needs, count on Biard & Crockett’s expertise, reliability and longstanding record of operations in Orange County. With our commitment to integrity and insistence on high-quality, cost-effective materials, we can quickly and conveniently install a new unit, maintain your existing unit and perform all types of replacements and repairs.