Problems with a sewer line are fairly common occurrences in homes and commercial properties in Orange. In some cases, your sewage problem may be nothing more than a simple sewer line blockage. However, you may have much a more extensive issue caused by a broken or collapsed sewage line, calling for repiping. Whatever the nature of your sewer line issue, count on the experienced local plumbers at Biard & Crockett to identify your problems. We recommend the most cost-effective pipe repair or replacement option for your sewer line and provide you with top rated plumbing service featuring the most suitable, up-to-date technology.

Sewer Line Issues typically found in Orange, Ca

Your sewer line runs from your home to a connection point that provides access to your neighborhood’s sewer system. A number of issues can affect this line and interfere with the safe removal of sewage waste from your household. Clogged sewer lines are a relatively frequent problem and have possible causes that include an accumulation of sludge or grease that has been washed down your sewage drains or a foreign object getting lodged in your sewer line. Shrubs or trees in your yard can also cause blockages by growing into your sewer pipes, or even a line breakage or collapse. Other potential causes of sewer line issues include sewage leaks in one or more pipe fittings, pipe corrosion, the shifting or sinking of part of your sewer line and the premature disintegration of inferior or improperly installed sewer lines. At Biard & Crockett, we have over 50 years of experience handling all types of sewer problems. We also have extensive experience working with all of the materials used in Orange County sewer lines, including PVC, ABS, SDR35, cast iron, ductile iron and clay.

Sewer Line Cleaning Service

Partial clogs in your sewer line are a common cause of slow draining.  Main sewer line blockages are often accompanied by several symptoms including:

  • Your toilet making unusual sounds;
  • No water in your toilet;
  • Sewage in your bathtub or toilet.

The first step in unclogging a sewer line is locating the point of the blockage. Once identified, there are multiple approaches to cleaning a clogged sewer line , such as snaking a drain or using a hydro jet.

Drain Snake

Clearing a sewer line clog typically begins with a drain machine normally referred to as a sewer snake. Roots are often the main cause of sewer line stoppages, and the size and extent of the root that’s causing the clog will determine the scope of the job. Normally the use of a  cutting blade will suffice, but more severe blockages may require an expert plumber to cut, churn and rip the roots with the use of a hydraulic root cutter.

Avoiding Clogs

Water Jetting involves the use of using a sewer jetter or hydro-jetter which uses highly pressurized water to clear away any solid objects, grease, sludge or caked-on materials blocking your sewer line.

Orange County’s recommended plumbers at Biard & Crockett have a range of tools on hand to ensure we properly clear your sewer line the first time. After the clearing your sewer line our expert technicians will discuss regularly scheduled maintenance options with you to prevent future emergencies. These maintenance options may range from periodic chemicals that maintain a clean and clear sewer chemical to regular root removal to ensure that further growth does not damage your sewer line.

Regardless of the sewage issue you’re facing, Biard & Crockett technicians will assess the best way to clean your sewer line using the best tools to avoid damaging your pipes. Our licensed plumbers use advanced modern technology (including sewer cameras when needed) to check your sewer line and accurately locate the blockage point. After finding the clog, we customize our sewer line cleaning to your needs and use the best tools for the job. For drain cleaning and hydro-jetting jobs, we rely on pipe cleaning equipment from Spartan drain cleaning machines, a company known for producing a range of rugged machines adaptable to all types and sizes of sewer lines.

Avoiding Clogs

The professionals at Biard & Crockett will help you properly maintain and prevent clogs in your sewer line.  We offer plumbing services to keep your sewer line clean, such as applying safe, effective bacterial/enzyme based drain cleaners that break down grease, fats and other substances that cause sewer pipe blockages. Unlike the potentially harmful drain cleaners that use harsh chemicals sold at your local grocery store, these products clean drains without further damaging your septic systems. If you lack easy access to your main sewer line, our professionals can install a ground-level entry point, called a sewer cleanout cap, which greatly simplifies the maintenance process and reduces your chances for future blockage problems. We can also give advice on the common mistakes made with sewage disposal in order to avoid future blockages in your sewer system.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement in Orange

Usually a broken sewer line in Orange is found via pipe camera inspection while addressing a blockage problem. Septic experts recommend looking for wet spots, sunken areas, and sewer smells in your yard, as they can sometimes be an indication of a broken or collapsed sewer line. In the past, sewer pipe replacement inevitably called for the full exposure of the damaged septic line section, which in turn called for the expense and inconvenience of a yard excavation. However, Biard & Crockett specialize in trenchless sewer pipe repair that avoids major yard excavation when repairing or replacing your sanitary line. One method of trenchless sewer replacement, known as pipe bursting, uses a hydraulic machine to simultaneously break apart the damaged pipe section and pull a replacement sewer line through the existing pipe. The second method to sewer line replacement, uses an epoxy pipe lining called Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) to seal the cracks and breaks in your sewer line.

Count on Biard & Crockett  

Biard & Crockett of Orange, is Orange County’s trusted local plumber for all commercial and residential drain and sewer problems. Whether you need to schedule a sewer line maintenance routine, have an isolated pipe repair issue or have recurring or serious sewage problems that require a repiping, our top rated plumbers can assess your situation, help you determine the appropriate plumbing service and provide a lasting, sensible solution that keeps your sewer system draining properly and helps you prevent damage to your home and yard caused by common sewage line issues. Count on our 50-plus years of experience, technological know-how, exemplary customer service and performance in all kinds of everyday and emergency situations.